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Day 17

Not even sure what happened to day 16, it was a blur and rollercoaster. They were able to extubate Phoebe in the morning; unfortunately she is still struggling with delirium from the sepsis, late last night they had to reintubate due to “strider” a complication where the airway restricts due to the irritation of the trachea. It is thanks to the great team of the MSICU at St Francis Hospital in Columbus, especially the on duty Nurse Practitioner Heather who heard Phoebe’s coughing and wheezing from her office and immediately ordered steroids and nebulizer. Phoebe quickly went down hill as she started panicking due to her inability to breath, they pre-staged to do intubation while waiting to see if the steroids and nebulizer made a difference. they made the call just in time as Phoebe’s blood oxygen levels crashed and her airway constricted.

So we are now back to the ventilator which is better than the alternative. Now we wait a day to begin trying the Spontaneous Breathing Testing. We also need to treat Phoebe’s sepsis dementia, continue treating the infection and letting her foot heal. Overall a long list to just get out of ICU. Probably looking at several months of rehabilitation after coming out of ICU.

We are very blessed to have so many people praying and sending well wishes. We are so thankful for everyone.

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