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Day 24

Around midnight Phoebe managed to pull off one of her mittens and extubated herself. When she was given the option of BPAP machine or reintubation she agreed to the intubation. The nurse this morning explained to her what they are doing and she finally consented once she understood it is just a temporary solution to allow her throat and vocal cords to heal. Currently we are taking things one day at a time, so for today we are just focused on making it through the two surgeries. Once we are through with those then we will set our next steps.

Surgeries are scheduled for this afternoon, was very concerned that her pulling the tube out last night might cause them to reschedule but the nurse assured me nothing has changed on the schedule. So now we wait as time crawls by trying to find peace in the waiting, being still and praying.

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  1. Lora Stevens Lora Stevens

    Charles, I have been communicating with with my lovely Great Niece Courtney, she and Nacy have kept me up to date on my Nieces progress.
    I want you to know how much I appreciate the dedication you have towards your lovely wife and how much I understand the stress, you are under.
    As Phoebe knows I lost her uncle Gordon last year to lung cancer and I spent three month Praying for a better outcome for him, but God had other plans.
    Sitting day in and day out is a struggle we indure because we could not imagine ourselves elsewhere, but by our loved ones side.
    Thank you for keeping the family up to date on your blog.
    I have tried to send a friend request, but seem unable to do so. I found this thru Courtney.

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