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Day 18

Well so far so snafu, Phoebe is sedated but not heavily so she is responsive, the problem is communicating. Currently she is too weak to write and I am not understanding her gestures and me asking her questions just frustrates her even further. So hear we sit, me working and her frustrated. I cannot begin to understand what Phoebe is going through and I have to let all of her anger roll over me. I have to remember this is about her, not me and put my pain aside and be there for her.

To all of our friends and family please continue to pray for Phoebe’s recovery, she has a long way to go. Even once we are out of ICU there is going to be a long period of rehabilitation and recovery. Thank you for everything.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous

    Robin & I are so sorry that Phoebe’s recovery is progressing so slowly Charles. We know it is hard on you & your family, not to mentioned how hard & painful it is for Phoebe. Make sure you take a break when possible so you can be strong for Phoebe. We are sending many prayers for you all!

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