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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

We here at pray that everyone’s holiday is filled with joy and peace. There is enough pain and suffering in this world that we pray for everyone, we celebrate with you, not against you. Maybe it will take more generations of growth before we all understand that freedom and equality are the birthrights of every baby born into this world. And so we will continue to pray, every day, unceasingly.

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  1. Lora Stevens Lora Stevens

    Merry Christmas! to You and Phoebe. Praying your Christmas was a happy one. I celebrated again this year with Mike, Darlene, Jay and Nacy. I leave for Florida tomorrow, to close on my home.
    I am also under contract on one here in Alabama, near Nacy. I Hope by moving I will get to spend more time with Family. Give Miss Phoebe a Big hug and Kiss from her Aunt Lora. I sign on my home here in Alabama, the end of January. Once I am Settled, I would love to have you over for Supper.
    I’m a praying for a New Year of Quiet Contentment. So very tired of all the upheaval in our world today.
    Send a Prayer for good Health for all my family too.
    See you soon.

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