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Month: August 2022

Day 39

Today was a very hard day, Phoebe is in a lot of pain in her lower back where she has scoliosis and has been experiencing muscle spasms. Part of the issue is she is not getting the pain medicine in the hospital that she takes at home. The other part of the issue is the therapy is not helping her back pain but is making her hurt more, but she pushed through and did all of her therapy today. Currently she is resting and recuperating. She is scheduled for therapy 7 days a week with shorter intervals as opposed to 5 days a week with longer interval.

Day 38

Today has been very rough, Phoebe is going through withdrawals from the fentanyl they had her on in ICU because we needed another problem to deal with right now. But that is the way of life, long worthwhile journeys are never easy. So we are praying that some of the pain will subside so she can start making more progress in her different therapy sessions.

That being said please keep Phoebe in your thoughts and prayers as she fights her way forward.

Day 36

Well today is the day we leave ICU behind us and head to Rehabilitation Hospital. Phoebe is ready to move and getting anxious to get out of ICU. Currently we do not have an eta for departure but they did go ahead and remove her Midline so other than blood pressure cuff and O2 sensor she is almost free. It has been a miraculous ride from septic shock to stuck on a ventilator in a medically induced coma, multiple attempts to get off ventilator, multiple intubations and extubations, then to Tracheotomy, to free and breathing on her own. The staff at St Francis MSICU have been incredible, under the direction of Dr Metry the care has been unbelievable and he has been teaching residents at the same time. I pray that the residents he has been teaching pick up even half of his bedside manner, knowledge, and skill; their future patients will be in good hands.

Thank you to our family and friends for all that they have done for us, the prayers, gifts and out pouring of love has made the journey possible. As we move on to the next stage we humbly ask that you continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers, rehabilitation can at times be overwhelming and grueling; Phoebe needs to keep her spirits up and her motivation strong for the journey.

Day 35

Phoebe is doing very well today. A little frustrated about still being in ICU but in good spirits nonetheless, talking is coming along very well though throat is still sore. All of her vital signs are good. So we hold and wait for move to another room or a direct transfer to Rehab hospital, may be today or next week as we are waiting on availability of a bed.

Once again we thank everyone for all the prayers, gifts, and uplifting messages.