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sometimes i wish

That life could be as simple as shell commands. Thought processes out of control and using up too much memory $sudo top -o mem see what might…

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Having to unfriend some people on Facebook this morning. Look, I do not mind political disagreement, but I have no time for hate filled people.…

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Puddles Pity Party

I was catching up on some of the YouTube channels I subscribe to and came across Puddles Pity Party on the PostModern Jukebox. Now I am…

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Happy Mother’s Day 

To all of the mothers in my life, Happy Mother’s Day.

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Very sad

I am very sad, heartbroken in fact when I read quotes from people who have taken oaths of office, that they will support the Constitution…

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Bitter the soul Cold and lonely in the night consumed by itself no room for others. Bitter the soul Frightened by the shadows clinging to…

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Sands of time

Well I write half a blog post that was going nowhere fast and then lost the entire thing, I decided it must not have been…

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F’ you bmw/mini part 3

Just one of those Sundays, everyone in the house wakes up with a sore throat and is coughing and miserable. So, I may as well write…

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Very excited

Tonight is the 42nd presentation of the Ledger-Enquirer’s Page One Scholarship awards. My son Trevor England is the nominee in Mathematics for Jordan Vocational High…

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Oh No, in my best Kevin Hart voice

So you want to be pimping yourself to the world as a blogger and author, where do you start? A couple of hours of web searching…

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