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Proof of Collusion

Quite simply that if no collusion occurred between Russia and trump then trump wouldn’t be Putin’s little bitch.

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New Year

I have spent months starting posts I never finished. Wanting to express myself but simply being too discouraged and depressed to get anything coherent out…

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To wake up everyday with a desire to write but no words, just emotions and fleeting thoughts. I often contemplate the nature of my soul…

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Funniest stuff

Republicans who obstructed everything President Obama tried to do, complaining about Democrats obstructing trump.

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Who the hell are we?

Are we the nation born in the fires of war, proudly proclaiming our independence, laying out an ideology of rights granted by our Creator, rights…

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The lie perpetuates

That there was ever a point in the past that was better than today. This idea that life was so much better before, before what…

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Today, this day, is your very last day in this world. What do you do? Do you give up on it? Go back to bed…

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Did I miss something

I keep hearing people say people shouldn’t protest this way or that. Or people at Harvard held a silent protest and then people say this…

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Spastic Mind

Working against me. Sometimes I don’t know whether I am coming or going. I can’t see viable solutions to problems, so, I throw myself into…

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Human lives are by their very nature, fragile and fleeting. We allow ourselves to be consumed by the minutia of life and lose track of…

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