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Taking Time

I have started strength training, I figured now that I am fifty it would be a good time to take some of my health a bit more seriously. The hard parts are staying motivated, getting up early to work out before my day starts, and the pain. I know it did not happen overnight, putting on weight and getting out of shape; just as I know that I cannot get back in shape overnight. Oh but the pain, my legs are in bad enough shape without all of the muscle aches I am now feeling and I am sure in the morning they will feel so much better after I add more weight to my lifts.

The sad part is how weak I have gotten over the years of working in front of a computer and the posture issues I am dealing with. I am contemplating expanding my workout to corrective exercises and stretching to fix some of the imbalances that I have going on. The trick is though I do not want to set myself back by over-training or causing any new injuries, it is hard enough to work through my existing issues such as nerve damage, bad knees, and top-to-bottom back issues with arthritis and scoliocis. It is all good though I just have to take it one day at a time, 5 lbs more each time, unless I hit a plateau, and then a few workouts pushing the same weight until it gets easier and I can move on. The upside is the weights I am lifting are normal for a beginner and a novice so I am happy with that.

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