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Treating back pain

Yesterday I had to have bilateral epidurals on my lumbar spine and si section, so I am spending the next 2 days recovering as I watch my yard grow into a wild jungle. So Monday I have to squeeze in mowing the lawn after work, plus this week I need to start dealing with a lot of cleanup of flower beds and pine trees popping up everywhere. Too many projects to take on this year around the house, they never mention that in the “American Dream” of owning a home.

I also have to deal with not working out with weights for a few weeks which is exasperating as I had just gotten into the routine and I worry that it will be difficult to start back. I am going to try to do just bodyweight exercises for the next two weeks just to get plenty of time for the epidural to work. I have to cultivate my patience and determination to keep moving forward.

My latest drawing.

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