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WTFery home owners edition

A week ago our dryer stopped working, would run all day and never heat up. Unlike my washing machine that the drum broke on, I was able to find the heating element for the dryer. So, I order the part and it arrives in a surprisingly timely manner, was in stock and not a victim of global chip shortages. Tear down the dryer and find out I also needed new roller wheels for the drum, order those parts and thanks to Amazon have them in 2 days. Now dryer is running and has heat, all of the lint vacuumed up. Good thing is the house didn’t burn down from the lint in the heating element. So just a reminder tear down and clean your dryer on a regular basis.

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  1. Wow you would think in this time and age we would do better and have a better way to be able to clean out our dyers. That’s just way too easy for dyers to catch on fire with all that lint staying in there like that! SHEESH!
    Charles you did a good job fixing it yourself! And finding all that lint!

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