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I have grown tired of the whining of the Christian right, they piss and moan about being oppressed and get offended by so many things like the idea of respecting others who do not believe the way they do. They live in this fantasy world in which the United States is their holy land, but, having read the Bible several times there is nothing, not a single mention of a Christian Holy land except for Jesus referring to the kingdom of heaven on earth. Now I am not the brightest crayon in the bunch but on Earth would seem to kind of refer to the entire planet not just one country.

The other bone I have to pick is the belief that Christians are so oppressed in today’s society when people don’t wish them a Merry Christmas, that the Constitution doesn’t mention God and that the Declaration of Independence uses the term Creator, not God. But if you listen to conservative white Christians they have these beliefs that are contrary to facts, hell they supported slavery and Jim Crow and are trying to undo the Republic because they hate anyone who is not like them. That is another part of the Bible I have never found where God calls on people to hate their neighbors it is very clear that God intends for Christians to love everyone neighbors, enemies, the poor, the immigrants, all of those who are at the margins of society. the prisoners.

So they whine about all of these horrible things that are being done to them, such things as taking away their voting rights, oh wait they are the ones doing that to dilute the non-white voters. Maybe they are so oppressed because not everyone thinks like them and supports their agenda of turning the United States into a theocracy, oh but wait they elected the most ungodly man as president, a man who could be closer defined as the antichrist, a man who molests women and who disparages his neighbors at every turn. A draft-dodging coward and a wanna-be dictator, this is who they raise up and worship, not God and certainly not Jesus the Christ.

So bottom line quit your bitching, take up your cross, and follow Jesus, turn the other cheek, and meet everyone with love in your heart and on your lips, even when they offend you. Otherwise, you can keep destroying the church that is on earth with your hate, bigotry, and ignorance and one day you will reach the end of this life and reap what you have sown. So I am off to repent for being angry and having a flash of hatred in my heart for you, the lost souls who live in fear and hatred of everyone else.

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