WTFery Garage

WTFery Garage said goodbye to the Mini Cooper this morning, probably at a stupid low price but with oil in the cooling system and small puffs of white smoke coming out of the exhaust, I would just be throwing money at it with potential for nothing but negative returns. So, the garage will spend time and resources on the 1969 Chevy truck instead since I enjoy working on old school vehicles more. Of course after rebuilding the transmission and cleaning up 47 year old gaskets it isnt going to be easy by any means.

I just need for nothing else to break at this point, since I just had to replace a water heater Friday at what was my parents house. Not sure where I will find the funds to replace all of the ruined flooring but one disaster at a time and right now I need the transportation more than the flooring. The dogs dont seem to care about the floor and I will be months getting all of the glue stripped up so, I think it will be ok on the back burner.