Who the hell are we?

Are we the nation born in the fires of war, proudly proclaiming our independence, laying out an ideology of rights granted by our Creator, rights that have been the cornerstone of a roadmap that despite our failings has brought us this far. We are an imperfect people, we continue to stumble along and fall short of the path we have laid out. But what is sad and even pathetic is how so many want to just live in the comfort of what they have, are not willing to want the same freedom and inequality for others. Somehow a large group of people believe that you can only fight for freedom on the front lines of a war as a soldier and if they are free well everyone else is as well.

Look, if there is a single person in this country who cannot drive down the street without getting pulled over because of the color of their skin then none of us is free. Freedom just as with life is a journey not a destination. If we do not stand up and fight for all Americans to be free and be constantly vigilant in maintaining the forward momentum of Freedom then eventually complacency will lead to erosion of rights. All you have to do is look around and see that there are men who want to repeal the 14th through the 19th amendments, why? Because they want only white men to vote, if some of them had their way only white property owners would be able to vote. Then there are those who actively refuse to treat all people equally under the law, from judges to law enforcement, this is a problem that is entrenched across the country and until all of the people are willing to stand against such abuses they will continue.