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The lie perpetuates

That there was ever a point in the past that was better than today. This idea that life was so much better before, before what though? And sure people give you all kinds of answers but if you look closely at what they all have in common is discrimination. Racial, religious, sexual; separate or together does not matter because at the end of the day it was when wealthy white protestant men ruled unabated.

But look how twisted this world is deep down, wealthy businessmen grew the Christmas that we know through advertising and turned it into the commodity that it is today. White protestants bemoan a war on Christmas because the secular spectacle they created is no longer under their control. The dumbest part of all though is that Christ didn’t admonish his followers to faithfully adhere to celebration of his birth, instead he admonished them to keep his commandments, to share bread and wine in remembrance of his sacrifice which was the new covenant, to pick up our crosses daily and to follow him. If you are angry someone didn’t say Merry Christmas then you missed everything that Christ taught and stands for in this world and the next.

Of course I imagine that the same type of people have always been around as we have today. The same people who blindly shout back the blue, probably would have cheered at the crucifixion, not because they are bad but because the status quo favors them and they want to maintain that status quo. And look how easily they can twist what someone does to suit their worldview, aligning kneeling or sitting during the National Anthem as an attack on the military and veterans is no different than the Sanhedrin convincing Pontius Pilate to kill Jesus, because they did not accept the message Jesus brought they twisted his words to fit their determination of truth.

And so the lies perpetuate generation after generation. The enemy infects this world with fear and hate, filling the coffers of the greedy who exercise control and power. We are so easily fooled and blinded by hard lies and soft ones. Always in too big of a hurry, as the Preacher Man said this morning we will not stop, pray, and wait on God. We do not trust in God or study his word. We cannot follow as disciples on a path we do not grasp.

So, we pine for the mythical better days. We escape into the lies rather than face the hard truths that we fall short everyday, everyday we must ask for forgiveness, and everyday we are expected to follow in the paths of Jesus or succumb to the world. Want an easy litmus test as to whether you are on the path with Jesus? Did you think negatively towards any person today or think you were better than someone for any reason? If so it is time to get on your knees and say the Lord’s Prayer. If you didn’t, then Jesus I thank you for reading my blog and ask you to join me as I pray the Lord’s Prayer.

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