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Veterans Day

My memory has never been very good but some things have always stuck with me. Being 4 or 5 and helping you work on your 55 Nomad when we lived in Germany. Always being mesmerized by how fast you could lace your boots. Learning what an Airborne Ranger was and being in awe that you were one in Vietnam for 2 tours. Learning what a LRRP was and that was your job in Vietnam. Learning you lost your best friend and team mates to an ambush while you were on R&R and the pain of that day which you carried with you the rest of your life, survivors guilt that drove you to exceed no matter what it was that you set your mind too. Honoring me with the middle name Dean after your best friend. Learning that you were proud of me that I tried to follow in your footsteps even though my body and fate had another path for me to walk. Watching you fight through to the end as cancer ate up your body and took your life. I miss you everyday Dad, I feel like I failed at the last thing you asked of me, to look out for my Mom. But I know in my heart that the two of you are together again. Happy Veterans Day Dad, I love you and miss you.

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