Today, this day, is your very last day in this world. What do you do? Do you give up on it? Go back to bed maybe and sleep in, it wont matter will it.
Maybe you get up and go on in to work, but do you give it everything you have? Maybe you just half ass it, after all it is your last day why should it matter?
You get home from work, what then? Do you make the most of every moment with your family, or withdraw into your own things?
Was your last day just like the last 100 or 1000 that you lived? If you had to relive any of them would you want too? Do you even remember them? Did they each fill you with such awe and wonder that you put every bit of yourself into them. Maybe they were just mindless, regretful, empty; a rinsing and repeating of drab days that turned your mind numb.
Would you wake up on the last day of your life thankful and see it through to the end with the same thankfulness?
Are you thankful today, for this day? Are you so moved by the wonder of it that you will make the most of every moment, even the tedious ones? Will you show people you love them, be gracious, forgiving, and merciful?