Mood swings and Spirituality

How does a person with mood swings grow spiritually?

Not having been raised in a religious household, I lack many of the habits that lend themselves to spiritual growth. Add to the mix the depression and mood swings I have been trapped in over the last several years and I feel lost. As with so much of my life I am scrambling to re-establish now that my moods are stable, I seem to be spending each day trying to formulate plans to work on my spiritual growth, art, writing, exercise, guitar, etc… on top of that I am trying to manage my household, work on home repairs, I have vehicles that need fixing, a yard that needs a large amount of work, the lists go on and on.

So, my desires are currently at the mercy of my undisciplined life. I use the word undisciplined because it truly describes my behaviors outside of work. I just seem to not know how to balance work and home life and I never have. I get lost in my work and do enjoy it, I just cannot seem to do the same thing outside of work.