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Some days you will experience disappointment. Life will disappoint you, you will disappoint yourself, you may even disappoint other people. There is no way of getting around it, it will simply happen. What you do in response can define who you are as a person. You can accept that things have happened, some out of your control such as worn out tires on a car needing to be replaced, or 47 year old parts in a transmission disintegrating. Other things were in your control and you missed the mark, failed to complete a task or did something incorrect, whatever the case may be. It is easy to come up with excuses, attempt to shift blame. The hard way is accepting your actions or lack of actions and stepping up your game, taking a disappointing situation and using it as a guidepost to move forward and grow as a person. Success in life sometimes only comes with each valley crossed after sliding down a cliff, overcoming adversity of situations and your own shortcomings.

Today I choose to face my disappointments head on, I choose to grow as a person even if it is an uphill battle. It is time to stop scraping by one day at a time and get back to living life, I am not through grieving for my Mother but it is time to stop spiraling out of control and get back on track with my life. I am sure she understands.

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