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Day 20

So far today Phoebe has had a positive Spontaneous Breathing Test, cuff test was not great but they decided to go ahead and extubate, then a breathing treatment of Racine Epinephrine. So far she is doing ok other than coughing a lot which we have asked if there is anything she can get for the cough. Waiting on speech therapy to come do an evaluation of her ability to swallow so she can get something to drink. Unfortunately this is a hospital and most of the time nothing moves fast, especially new consults. We know that there is a long road ahead, but if we can stay off of the ventilator it will be a blessing as each day on a ventilator generally corresponds to a week in rehabilitation and we are at 17 days on ventilator.

So we live moment by moment, breathe by breathe, prayer by prayer. We thank all of those supporting us with prayers and well wishes.

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