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Day 14

Today is day 14 of our saga, we started out at the Emergency Room of Emory of Decatur, were discharged and drove home from Atlanta only to receive a call that blood cultures taken when we first arrived in the ER had grown and we needed to get to ER due to infection. When we arrived at St Francis ER Phoebe was in septic shock, immediate steps were taken to get her blood pressure up and get her comfortable. They transferred Phoebe to ICU as soon as they could. Today is day 13 in ICU, they took her into surgery on Wednesday the 6th to drain her ankle. She came back from surgery on a ventilator. Phoebe has been on a ventilator for 11 days now and the attempts to get her off the ventilator have not succeeded as of yet. It is very difficult to watch her as she fights against the ventilator when they take her off of sedative.

I just want to thank everyone for their prayers, calls, and offers to help. Right at this moment we need prayers more than anything.

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