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Darkness – A guest post

“Darkness has always been something that many fear, but is it really the dark that they fear.
For some it is, but for others it’s not, instead it’s what it represents to them.
“Darkness” for me is solitude and pain, which I find amusing because they are two things I know of all too well.
Being alone in both mind and body has started to take its toll on my reality.
The silence prolongs and my will grows faint, for what is there to life when solitude seems to be your fate.
But then I remember what the silence truly means, it’s the calm before the storms which life tends to bring.
But life’s storms are not something to fear, for storms bring more than just despair.
Once the storms clear there is joy in the air.
The sun comes out and a rainbows shine, life is finally showing you its brighter side.
So, don’t let fear and anxiety hold you back because they are only a precursor for the weather of life.”
-Trevor England-

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