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Creeping into oblivion

When a politician peddles lies that an election was stolen from him, incites insurrection, and still has a chance of being president again. When Senators and Representatives are too afraid to stand up to their party without fear of death threats against them and their families. When this has now become the new normal civil discourse has been replaced by wholesale hatred and accusations of being traitors for disagreeing with the opposition. The party of “don’t tread on me” has no qualms of treading on the rights of others who are different from them.

With all of these anti-American, anti-Constitution, fear-mongers trying to cement their hold on power by purging voter roles, gerrymandering districts to dilute the power of non-whites, and changing laws so that electors can usurp the will of the majority of voters and play kingmaker on their own terms. We have truly lost our way in this Democratic Republic, each day takes us closer to the possibility that we will fall into oblivion. It is heartbreaking that the next election could spark a new civil war as the pompous ass of a former president is already crying wolf that the election will be “stolen” again and his base is in lockstep with him. Just sad.

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