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Drawing a blank

I have the worst case of writers block. Every thought i try to focus on is like waking up from a deep sleep and trying to remember the wonderful dream you were having, all you have left is the impression

I see a Red door

And I want to Paint it Black. The essence of so much depressive angst captured in a timeless song. Sad part is I did not understand the significance of painting a red door black until a few years ago. For

Jack of all Trades

Master of none. I think that statement really does apply to me. There is not a whole lot that I cannot do if I set my mind to it and I have enough time. Even the things I struggle with

Mood swings and Spirituality

How does a person with mood swings grow spiritually? Not having been raised in a religious household, I lack many of the habits that lend themselves to spiritual growth. Add to the mix the depression and mood swings I have

Mental Health is not Easy

Living with Major Depressive Disorder and Bi-Polar is just a bit difficult. I spent the better part of the last year unmedicated as I transitioned away from a psychiatrist who just could not understand why a patient might have to

Pen drawing

Need more practice drawing

Absurd lines of thinking

Currently reading the book “Why Am I Still Depressed” by Jim Phillips MD and came upon this passage. sometimes even use Depression NOS for patients with bipolar features that might otherwise be coded Bipolar II, hoping that Depression NOS is

Funky music share

Came across this band this week, very funky. Enjoy

What happened

I have spent the better part of the last year struggling mentally and emotionally, fighting with failing medications. To be more specific the medicines I was on stopped working for me and I had a falling out with my psychiatrist.

Letting go and breathing

After more than a year of being depressed beyond my normal levels and having no motivation whatsoever, I am trying to get back to living life beyond just working. I have a long road ahead of me but I am