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WTFery Garage

Return to the garage, or is it the shade tree? Maybe a bit of both. So, this morning I spent some time working on my project truck the 1969 Chevy C10. With the help of my son Trevor we got the rear end into place on the trailing arms. Unfortunately I could not tighten everything down as I did not have a SAE 1 1/16th deep socket since the new U-bolts are about an inch longer that the old ones. Which puts me in the position of having to buy another tool because that seems to be the way of most rebuilds or repairs. The problem is I have a growing pile of tools that have seen single use, which is frustrating.

More frustrating than having to buy a new tool was finding a crack in part of the front crossmember as I was contemplating next steps. Unfortunately this means next steps involve learning how to weld so I can fix the crack. Some may view this as a foolish next step, however the plan was to learn how to weld anyways so I can repair the rusted sheet metal. Realistically next steps involve cleaning of the workshop so I can roll the frame in and work on a concrete pad, this has the added benefit of being where the power is to run the welder. Downside is I have to maneuver quit a bit of power tools and work benches around in order to free up space. The list of projects seems to be growing rather than shrinking.

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