F’ you bmw/mini part 3

Just one of those Sundays, everyone in the house wakes up with a sore throat and is coughing and miserable. So, I may as well write about the state of the Mini since I finally got up the nerve yesterday to pull the oil filter and see how some of the bottom end of the engine is looking.

Here we have the pump removed.

After turning it over and letting the oil pour out I was greeted with the following, several pieces of plastic that fell out and a filter screen full of plastic. Not sure yet about rebuilding the pump but that is for another day.

The first gut check came when I took the plate off of the bottom of the block to look around and discovered plastic wrapped around the crankshaft. At a minimum, this is a full engine rebuild.

The next big gut check was the drop of antifreeze on the bottom of the engine and what looks to be a crack in the block.

I just cannot wrap my mind around what to do next. I need funds to work on the car but before I spend anything on the car I need to eliminate the debts that have already piled up over the years. That means the next step is to turn my book into a best seller.