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Day 28

Great news, she slept all night on the T piece did not have to get changed back to ventilator on CPAP mode. She was cutting up with the nurse and in good spirits. Dr is going to give her something to alleviate the cough as it is irritating her throat. They have also cleared her for ice chips as long as she takes it slow. Still no word on when they might move her out of ICU and to a step down unit. Will be therapy everyday going forward, not out of the woods yet but getting very close. There is concern regarding her vocal chords and she has a barium swallow test sometime Monday to ensure the path of liquids does not end up in her lungs. And finally she will have an ENT consult regarding throat and vocal cords. I personally would like them to leave the tracheotomy in until after ENT sees her, still worried that they take it out and suddenly have to intubate her again.

Therapy updates. Speech Therapy, Ice chips are approved as long as she takes it easy on them. Respiratory Therapy, still on T piece which is basically just warm humidified air with some oxygen. Physical therapy yesterday they transferred to a chair for 30 minutes. Occupational therapy assisted physical therapy for the move. Overall she is making good progress, praying that she will continue to progress day by day without getting discouraged as she deals with all of the struggles that therapy will put her through.

Please continue to pray for Phoebe as she needs them now just as much if not more as she takes each day moment by moment. We can see the light of day in the distance and Joy comes in the morning.

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