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Month: February 2014

an American coward

Absolute WTFery, when a cowardly draft dodger like Ted Nugent is referred to as a “freedom fighter”. He wasn’t even a draft dodger on principal of being against the war, just a coward. But now that he loves guns, and uses hate speech to threaten people; this makes him a freedom fighter to some people in Texas.
And to top off his cowardice he has made up stories about how he dodged the draft at different times as it suited him. Bottom line he is a coward and no amount of posturing and threatening people with guns will ever make him a fraction of a man compared to those who have served this nation.
I wish his self serving ass would just go away, but people like him never do they just keep promoting themselves.


Stuff, things…,things we buy and save…,things people give us…,things we just dont throw away for one reason or another. Stuff in boxes, on shelves or in drawers. Closets, attics and more.

What drives some of us to keep and hoard things? When one generation hoards, how many subsequent generations will also become hoarders?

My paternal grandparents were hoarders, what lead them to become hoarders I will never know. This in turn contributed to my fathers hoarding. I see some of the same habits in my own life and as I am helping my mom deal with going through things and trying to come up with a plan to tackle things without becoming overwhelmed, I realize that I need to work through my problems and help my kids work through it as well.

Life is not meant to be easy, life simply is. Things happen and we have to deal with them, we don’t have to like it and sometimes it is okay to complain about it too.

A thought on religion

I recently spent a bit of time in thought on the subject of talking about religion and came up with my general philosophy on the subject. Maybe not so much WTFery in and of itself but I believe that religiosity can lead to many WTF moments, especially when people talk at each other instead of to each other.

On talking with others on the subject of religion, one should consider their purpose in doing so. There are only a few valid reasons, to share ones faith, to understand the faith of another, to clarify an aspect of ones own faith and to have a theological discussion within ones own faith. Each of these reasons should necessarily be governed by a few simple rules.

If you are sharing your faith you should first understand and accept that the person you are sharing it with may accept or reject what you share with them. If they reject what you shared, accept it and move on, your persistence will drive people away, it also shows a lack of respect for the other individual.

If you are wanting to understand another’s faith the key is to ask questions and listen. Understanding cannot be reached by offering opinions or engaging in debate. By showing courtesy they may in fact be encouraged to in turn inquire about your beliefs allowing you to share information, however if they do not it is best to not pursue the issue at that time.

If you are trying to clarify an aspect of your own faith ask questions and listen. Clarity and understanding must be approached with an open and willing mind, ready to listen. It is ok when seeking clarity to ask additional questions and to offer ones own understanding and opinion in the form of a question and if asked to respond in like, however seeking knowledge requires the willingness to accept knowledge.

If you are having a theological discussion within ones own faith, listen twice as much as you speak, be slow to answer and quick to ask questions. Listen to others with an open and willing mind, prepared to gain as much knowledge as you are intending to share.

fr1st p0st

Why not make it a real WTF moment and use a cheesy, pathetic internet meme that should have died before it began.

So why blog, whats the point, who cares what I think or have to say? Absolutely nobody and right now that is what I need, my own little place to spew my thoughts out onto the world.

So why not just go to Facebook like everyone else and share to my hearts content? Because then I might have to read what people post on Facebook and it just pisses me off, this way I can have my own little world and if any one comes here then they can like it or not.

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