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WTFery from State Laws

I received an email from the Department of Veterans Affairs confirming it’s authority to allow their healthcare workers to work across state lines. Think about that for a minute, healthcare practioners cannot necessarily just move between states because as a nation we are so disparate in our laws from state to state. It is no wonder that education and healthcare are in such trouble when we as a nation cannot agree on such simple issues as what defines a Doctor or Nurse.

“VA maintains and continues to exercise this authority. Reaching beyond the coronavirus pandemic and as identified in “VA’s Fourth Mission”, the rule confirms VA’s authority to allow VA health care professionals, who may regularly cross state lines, to deliver care at other VA medical centers, as well as specific private hospitals, state Veterans homes and nursing homes.”

“As the nation’s largest integrated health care system, it is critical VA health care professionals are able to deliver services in regions other than where they may be licensed, registered, certified or limited by a state requirement,” said VA Secretary Robert Wilkie. “Whether we are assisting states dealing with natural disasters or even more so now with their pandemic response, VA is working diligently to get the appropriate, qualified staff to those communities in need as quickly as possible.”

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