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Where to start planning 

In a business setting, this seems to be the easy part. A successful business has a business plan, a roadmap, strategic objectives, and regular planning meetings where these are re-evaluated and tweaked as needed. Planning also is tantamount to successfully day to day execution, quite simply the old saying is true “Plan your work, Work your plan.”

So, how do we translate this to our personal lives?

Bucket-list, a book of dreams, call it what you want. Get a notebook, does not matter what kind, whatever matches your personal style. On the cover make sure it says that this is your life objectives, desires, dreams, and accomplishments. Put the starting date and Volume 1. Start by writing down the dreams and desires you have already had in life, leave enough room after each entry to come back and update, always dream of being an astronaut put it in here, wanted to be president then add it. Remember this not about restricting who you are, where you go or what you can do in life. This is about expressing yourself and spitballing your life, not everything is going to stick, some dreams will be deferred, shit is going to happen and some dreams will not work out the way you want.

So get yourself a notebook, get some permanent markers, decorate the cover, and get started. Also get a glue stick as you may want to add some pictures of things you want and places you want to go, alternatively you may want to get several notebooks and have one just for places you want to visit. So get started.

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