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unsettled mind

A blog without posts, too much work, no clarity of mind.
I cannot ever stay on a path, life distracts me and the world is forever pulling me in different directions and I find myself lost in the vortex. I am not someone who has ever managed to stay focused, never will I create the next great how to be a success blog or give insight into what makes an effective person. I am one of the many lost masses who struggle each day to survive in this world, nothing more.
Like many I want more out of life, I want control over my destiny. I want to go to sleep at night and actually sleep, not have my nights ruled by an uncalmed mind. I want to wake up rested each morning free of distractions and able to focus.
I always find it funny when I read self help books, websites or blogs because they only work for those whose minds don’t lack focus.

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