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Mental Health Care Costs

As a long time sufferer of Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety, and Attention Deficit Disorder I would like to say to everyone get treatment if you have Mental Health issues. Life is not always easy and with Mental Health issues the daily stressors of life can quickly lead to crisis. I know medication does not work for everyone, some people have to endure Electro Shock therapy, some can manage through therapy.

The problem is none of these options are cheap, in fact Mental Health treatment can be more expensive than having other physical health problems. If I go to my primary care physician I pay a simple $30 copay, no deductible to be met, when I go to my psychiatrist I pay between $160-$180 per appointment until I meet my deductible, this does not include drug tests every other visit. Because I am on controlled substances I have to go every 2 months for my prescriptions so I pay between $960-$1080 per year just for the psychiatrist, medications just add to the cost. I am lucky that the medications I am on work for me and I am able to function on an everyday basis.

That is the key, I am lucky, I can work and hold down a steady job. When my Mom got sick I was able to take care of her and work, the toll though was I struggled through a lot of hardship, I did not have the best year at work, and my Mom passed away from aggressive ovarian cancer 5 days after her diagnosis on Sept 28, 2019. The ensuing year was so bad I received the worst review I have ever received in 32 years of employment, I did not offer up excuses, I took it as a learning experience and because my Mental Illness is under control I was able to do that. I did not break down though I have come close several times since the death of my Mom.

I know that things could be much worse for me, I have seen what that looks like and I am thankful every day for all that I have and all I can do. The problem is that there are so many others in this world that suffer from Mental Illness and it goes untreated, they cannot function and many of the homeless people you encounter 1/4-1/3, based on statistics on the internet, suffer from Mental Illness. So, I pray that the cost of mental health care comes down and that those who need treatment are able to be treated. I also pray that the stigmas associated with Mental Illness will one day fade into the past.

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