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Curse you Siri

This is just weird, tried to dictate a post on my iPhone on the way to work this morning. I was going to edit this but it is so wtf that I just decided it was fitting to leave it as is because I find it just funny.

Why is it that I have desires things I want to do and part of why my mental state is I am in that same mind is racing constantly thinking about him and so when I want to have some clarity Sue something at most like I have days where I can actually think about it and focus on it and accomplish something but as I do that my mind start that right constantly think of sleep is sleepless night dreaming not screaming but before my mind it is moving throughremind maybe three months of of pursuing this this passion in a non-there’s there are times where I can sit there andand rebuild an entire car in my mind in one night and I will row before I am just mentally exhaustedand I do this with all the things I am passionate about working on car with drawing even think I’m not really passionate about working on the yard of I can sit there and go through everything that needs to be done in the yard and annoy well I’m about to get yardI even think right now that I have a sense of clarity it’s not that I mind that much clearer than at other times but right now my mind is focused on fixing my moneyno I do not have my mind on my money and my money on my mind trying to fix my mind maybe the money but damn thing

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