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On violence

Violence be-gets violence and it is a sad reality of the world we live in currently. What we must realize is that each day as violence occurs and we ignore it and do not condemn it; we are responsible for the perpetuation of violence. Unfortunately I believe violence will persist until we as a nation truly believe that all Americans are equal, that we should all have the same chances and opportunities to succeed.
And it isn’t just violence, it is systematic inequality that brings us to the same place every time. When someone like Cliven Bundy, a man who has stolen millions in natural resources from the American people, who’s supporters took up arms and threatened those tasked with enforcing the law. When this man and his supporters are still living and breathing, free and not in jail then inequality exists. When the same people who sang his praises on national television turn around and sing the praises of Darren Wilson there is a clear system of inequality.
When the only answer some people have is “yeah but look what these black thugs did to these white people”, advocate shooting people of color, or my all time favorite response bringing up Martin Luther King JR; because what people of color are supposed to not be like the rest of Americans. Seems to me after 9/11 we opened a collective can of angry whoop ass on people, quite a few who were innocent bystanders lost their lives and property in the ensuing war. Why is it ok when one group lashes out in anger but not another? Why do we cheer for one and condemn the other?
What does it take to bring the American people together, how do we honestly work through issues that divide us when many don’t seem to even care if the issue exists? Others believe we should be divided further; and yes I see this on both sides of the issue. Though in my personal life often times a person who will make overtly racist comments about people of color; will then complain that “they want to make it about race” or “they are playing the race card”; I am sorry, if you have ever disparaged a person because of the color of their skin you are the problem.
And I am just as much a part of the problem as everyone else. I have not raised my voice to condemn violence. I have remained silent as people I have worked for and with speak words of hate against others because of their skin color. I have not gone out into the community to help make a difference. I have kept my head down and looked out for myself. My apathy is as much of a problem as others lack of empathy.

Unused tools rust and become dull

When I was in my teens and early 20’s I wrote all of the time. Short stories, prose, even some poetry. Words seemed to flow easily; at times it was almost as if my mind was on fire.
So long ago, in another lifetime…
Before a career. Before stress on top of stress. Before I lost my way somewhere.
At some point I stopped writing, didn’t make the time, couldn’t find the words. I retreated into my own mind, trapped my thoughts in an abandoned corner and let them gather dust.
Now I want to write again and my mind is dull, the words come slowly. I write them down, scratch them out and try again. Mostly though I I just stare at the wall and think.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day one of the many holidays in the USA where we celebrate by having heavily commercialized sales and events; and we don’t need to regulate business because they would never exploit the people. Maybe I am just cynical.
Today my family will be spending Memorial Day honoring my father who died this year of lung cancer from exposure to Agent Orange. We are going to spread his ashes around on the walking trail he made.
So no sales for us, today we honor James W England Feb 26, 1950 – Jan 25, 2014. Husband, father, teacher, soldier.

Where is my mind?

Time slips past me. I am trying each day, with little success to gain control of my life. I have managed in the last 3 weeks to start working out again. Just over two years ago I was making good progress, I had a good work out program and I was making progress until my father-in-law passed away. Now this year after my father passed away I am trying to get back into it and find outlets for dealing with my grief. One of the outlets I wanted to pursue was my writing, unfortunately I have found it very difficult to stay focused. I have not given up though and am slowly trying to plot a course to where I want to be in the future.

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