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Month: November 2020

WTFery Garage

The saga continues. Even though I was only able to work Sunday on the truck I made some great progress, I got the trailing arms, rear springs, and differential, cleaned and ready for paint. I was also able to tear down the differential in preparation for rebuilding it, still have to clean the inside of it and get all of the metal shavings out. I also still need to clean the brake backing plates as well as the axles, then there is the broken wheel stud that needs to be beaten out with a hammer and replaced, which should prove interesting. Seems like I keep adding to the list of things that need to be accomplished, but also checking off the list of completed tasks.

WTFery from State Laws

I received an email from the Department of Veterans Affairs confirming it’s authority to allow their healthcare workers to work across state lines. Think about that for a minute, healthcare practioners cannot necessarily just move between states because as a nation we are so disparate in our laws from state to state. It is no wonder that education and healthcare are in such trouble when we as a nation cannot agree on such simple issues as what defines a Doctor or Nurse.

“VA maintains and continues to exercise this authority. Reaching beyond the coronavirus pandemic and as identified in “VA’s Fourth Mission”, the rule confirms VA’s authority to allow VA health care professionals, who may regularly cross state lines, to deliver care at other VA medical centers, as well as specific private hospitals, state Veterans homes and nursing homes.”

“As the nation’s largest integrated health care system, it is critical VA health care professionals are able to deliver services in regions other than where they may be licensed, registered, certified or limited by a state requirement,” said VA Secretary Robert Wilkie. “Whether we are assisting states dealing with natural disasters or even more so now with their pandemic response, VA is working diligently to get the appropriate, qualified staff to those communities in need as quickly as possible.”

WTFery Garage

Another episode on the ongoing trials and tribulations of rebuilding a 1969 Chevy C10. Had good weather this past weekend and was able to finish painting the frame and started on the reassembly of the front end. I unfortunately hit a snag when it came to spring compression of the front coil springs, the tool I rented would not come back out through the hole in the lower control arm and there is no hole on top, so I returned the tool and and rented another type of spring compressor from a different auto parts store. Hopefully I will have a chance to test it out this week and get the front end reassembled.

Veterans Day

My memory has never been very good but some things have always stuck with me. Being 4 or 5 and helping you work on your 55 Nomad when we lived in Germany. Always being mesmerized by how fast you could lace your boots. Learning what an Airborne Ranger was and being in awe that you were one in Vietnam for 2 tours. Learning what a LRRP was and that was your job in Vietnam. Learning you lost your best friend and team mates to an ambush while you were on R&R and the pain of that day which you carried with you the rest of your life, survivors guilt that drove you to exceed no matter what it was that you set your mind too. Honoring me with the middle name Dean after your best friend. Learning that you were proud of me that I tried to follow in your footsteps even though my body and fate had another path for me to walk. Watching you fight through to the end as cancer ate up your body and took your life. I miss you everyday Dad, I feel like I failed at the last thing you asked of me, to look out for my Mom. But I know in my heart that the two of you are together again. Happy Veterans Day Dad, I love you and miss you.

When civility fails

I am often amazed by how many people have never seemed to mature. When they can only seem to scream insults instead of being able to have adult conversations. It is a sad state of affairs. As a man I can only speak from the standpoint of a man and so I direct this to other men or those who identify as men; grow the hell up, put your man pants on, learn how to listen and how to speak. If the only arguments you can make include name calling and making accusations you are still a little boy on a playground trying to pick a fight and sooner or later you are going to get the fight and it may not turn out the way you think it will.

So, grow up, learn how to debate, learn how to listen, and maybe, just maybe we can turn this nation around from the brink of disaster. We do not have to agree on anything but we should give each other a chance and we just might find some common ground. Or we won’t and will continue to march towards the cliff of no return, screaming stupidly at each other, until it is too late.

WTFery Garage

Well it has been a productive week, all of the front suspension has been painted, and the frame has been primed. Spent election night banging out the front bearing races because swinging a hammer is good for relieving stress, will need to repaint the wheel hubs as the paint got scratched in a few spots. here are some pictures of the painting in process, took 2 coats of paint and may have some spots that need a little touchup. I also started painting the first coat on the frame last night, in the dark with a headlight on.

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