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Month: July 2019


Empty dreams, spilling from A tattered mind, alone. Callous and cold the world Etching notches in my soul. Empty dreams, spilling from A battered soul,…

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Word of the day

Segue As day segues into night. As the conversation between mother and daughter segues from television into when her dad gets out of jail. As…

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A Poem

I want to write the perfect poem, Laureate material to make my bones. Dreams bigger than empty tomes, Blood pounding, soul groans. I want to…

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Such precious and fragile things, tied to our souls with gossamer threads, so easily cut and set adrift into the darkness. My heart aches somedays…

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Drawing a blank

I have the worst case of writers block. Every thought i try to focus on is like waking up from a deep sleep and trying…

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I see a Red door

And I want to Paint it Black. The essence of so much depressive angst captured in a timeless song. Sad part is I did not…

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